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Narendra Modi: Media’s Ignorance Will Prove to be a Blessing

Not so long ago, the name Narendra Modi was the bread and butter of Indian media. They used it and its phenomenon to gain TRP and to get more reads. And then, something drastically changed. 
TV Channels curtailed their discussions about Modi. His speeches were now relegated to
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Posted By : Chinmay  On Jan 15, 2014 998 Reads

WWE Network: Business Will Change Forever

Today [Wednesday, Jan. 8] is a historic day for WWE as we transform and reimagine how we deliver our premium live content and 24/7 programming directly to our fans around the world – Vince McMahon
Now, in an act of tremendous lameness, I am g
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Posted By : Chinmay  On Jan 09, 2014 655 Reads

In The Orphan Country: India's Neglect Of Orphan Children's Civil Rights

"I Have a Dream" In 1963, these four words enshrined the values of civil rights, as Martin Luther King Jr. fought for the civil rights of African
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Posted By : Chinmay  On Jan 06, 2014 1502 Reads

I Said It: The Way Forward in 2014

Dear Readers,
Every New Year brings a lot of hopes and dreams along with it. There is always that sense of optimism, excitement and resolution.  
We also had a long time dream, one that we saw during our college years. We wanted to create a platform, where people co
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Posted By : Chinmay  On Jan 03, 2014 411 Reads

WWE's Vince McMahon: Finding His True Place in Wrestling History

There are many people who play the game. Then there are some who change the game. Even fewer are more audacious. They dare and try to make a game on their own. And then there emerges the rare someone who succeeds in the same.
The owner of WWE, Vincent Kennedy McMahon Jr. belongs to
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Posted By : Chinmay  On Dec 29, 2013 765 Reads

WWE & Beyond: Akira Hokuto, One of the Greatest Pro Wrestlers Ever

A rose in hands and the swagger of the tongue have often defined a classic woman. In spite of their innate endurance and marvelous emotional strength, popular culture has never really associated women with the deeds that draw blood.
Even as pro wrestling fans, to be particular WWE f
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Posted By : Chinmay  On Dec 20, 2013 629 Reads


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