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User Experience Design: The Need of the Modern World

Have you ever experienced any of these things? Not getting specific information from a site in an instant, having difficulties while using various functions of a mobile phone, finding it difficult to use certain software, lack of clarity while doing online transactions or even using ATM machine
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Posted By : Nikhil Welankar  On Mar 16, 2014 247 Reads

Is it Ethical to Conduct Scientific (Psychological in Nature) Research on Humans and Animals?

There is no way to get absolute certainty about ethics. Without absolute certainty, what do we do? We do the best we can. All professional fields hav

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Posted By : Jacob Waring  On Feb 11, 2014 377 Reads

Towards Sustainability: The Development of Baripada

When we talk about sustainable development, we are confronted by a flurry of questions and most of them are unanswered. When we talk about sustainability, we need to ponder on the conventional framework of development, too.
Baripada presents one stop answer to most of these question
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Posted By : Niranjan Welankar  On Feb 06, 2014 375 Reads

Neither Positive Or Negative: It's All About Reality.

Let’s turn the timeless expression, "Is the glass half empty or half full", on its head and thus ask how much of the glass one should fill?
I have the tendency to view the world as reality. The reality is that shit happens. It's true...damn true. One moment you could be ma
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Posted By : Jacob Waring  On Jan 31, 2014 360 Reads

Light My Fire: The Tale Of The Decorative Candle

Of the few things that your author thinks he does rather well, he prides himself the most as regards his ability to think things through.
He’ll be the first to man up and say that he doesn’t always implement whatever it is that he’s thought through, an
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Posted By : Ashish Kulkarni  On Jan 27, 2014 312 Reads

Women Rights: On The Verge Of Being Set Back By Decades?

A few years ago there was a surge of controversies in regards to women's health<

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Posted By : Jacob Waring  On Jan 24, 2014 383 Reads


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